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Welcome to Burton Canoe Club

Three Lake Challenge 2018

Consisting of Lakes Bala (Wales), Windermere (England) and Loch Awe (Scotland) half a dozen members successfully paddled all three lakes during 2018.  Taking into account the numerous members who had paddled at least three of the lakes in previous years this doubles the figure to about a dozen. Bearing in mind that some participants were new members and others within the club's PaddleAbility strategy, this was a great achievement.


The River Wye Challenge 2019

In May 2019 a few members will be paddling at least 85 miles of the River Wye from Glasbury to Rebrook as  a multi-day paddling challenge meaning a daily mileage in the order of 20 miles, then camping out of course!  Can you, dare you, will you?